Our Story

Story has been an important element since the beginning of time and is central to what connects us and brings life to our spirits. It really is how we get to know each other and helps us to understand why we do the things we do. What follows are our stories of what is behind the vision and mission of Still Waters Brevard. We hope you will put aside the business of your day for a few minutes and get to know us a little more. The following links will take you to each of our stories.


Susan’s Story to Still Waters

Jim’s Story to Still Waters

The story continues: It was in 2008 that Jim and I wed and in 2010 we traveled to Melbourne Florida to help and support my elderly dad and began sowing into our faith and business community as ministers and counselors. We are both grateful for the healing, wholeness, and the freedom to be “me,” and we welcomed opportunities to assist others along their own healing journey. As human beings, it was never intended for us to live this life without the support, influence, and help of others, of which there are many I am so grateful for. As you can see from our stories these desires have existed for both of us for several years, as Jim a pastor of 40 years, walked with and touched the hearts of many and where I came alongside and consoled hurting friends; as a daycare provider listening and supporting young parents; as a teacher, inspiring and stirring up the potential of young children; as a ministry leader, and now counselor, loving, teaching, and guiding those who were hurting. We both have learned early in the journey the importance of being aware of and integrating the physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual aspects of one’s being, which have played an instrumental part in the wholeness, freedom, and joy we both now experience as well as the love and respect we extend to others.